αρχαία προϊόντα, με νέο αέρα 

/archea proionta, me neo aera/ 

The Olive Oil and Table Olives Producer’s Organizations E.U. funded projects, aim at improving the environmental impact of olive cultivation, ensuring the safety and advancing the quality of olive oils and table olives sold to the final consumer. 

Quality goes hand in hand with the extensive application of improved methods of cultivation such as integrated crop management, the organization of processing using full traceability systems and finally by the ability to control all factors that safeguard the product to make a it a nutritious and healthy food to use. 

Improved cultivation methods, upgraded processing systems along with traceability and certification of food safety, are the four pillars on which we build our quality 

Olive Oil and Table Olives are two of our most ancient products. 

Come and find out what we did to freshen them up. 


Time and Place – ώρα και μέρος  – /ora kai meros / 

date: Wednesday 16 March 2016 

time: 19.00p.m. 

place: Strofilia, RESTAURANT & CELLAR BAR // Rue du Marché aux Porcs 11-13, B-1000 BRUSSELS